About Us

The Church of Religious Science and the teaching of Science of Mind have one primary purpose: To assist the individual who desires and is willing to heal his life of any and all discord, fear, superstition, guilt and sense of lack. Wholeness is a Reality and it can be found at the very center of who and what we are now.


Our desire as an organization is not based so much in instructing willing individuals in what to think but rather how to think. We can best learn how to think by first understanding that we live in a Spiritual Universe which operates on purpose, by responding to our thoughts, feelings and deepest beliefs.


It is we, and we alone who ultimately create our experience. While this Truth may be a challenge at times to accept, it is also the Truth which sets us free. As we learn to take responsibility for our thinking, we shall see our lives transformed in incredible and wonderful ways. We can begin to live, move and have our being in a greater awareness that God really is All that is. As we honor Its Presence in all people and places (including ourselves, wherever we may be) the Divine Principle of Life automatically honors us.


“The practice of Truth is personal to each, and in the long run no one can live our life for us. To each is given what he needs and the gifts of heaven come to all alike. How we shall use these gifts is what matters…”

Dr. Ernest Holmes

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