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November: “Put a Praise on It”

Date Speaker Purchase
11-6-16 Rev. Lisa Meggs
11-13-16 Rev. Jerrold Smith
11-20-16 Rev. Lisa Meggs

October: “Oh Happy Day”

Date Speaker Purchase
10-2-16 Rev. Lisa Meggs
10-9-16 Rev. Jerrold Smith
10-16-16 Rev. Lisa Meggs
10-23-16 Rev. Jerrold Smith
10-30-16 Dr. Ronnie Jones

September: “Living the Principles”

Date Speaker Purchase
9-4-16 Rev. Ahman
9-11-16 Rev. Marquita Pierre-McAlister
9-18-16 Dr. Ronnie Jones
9-25-16 Rev. Paul Meggs

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